From Kathi Peterson, Fairmont Opera House Executive Director

This has been an busy year at the Fairmont Opera House and I am delighted to have been an integral part of it. We have made many changes and tried some new ideas. We remodeled the dressing rooms and green room to better accommodate our artists. We paid back the monies we had borrowed from the endowment principle much sooner than anyone expected.  We have placed several stage curtains all of the rigging. We now have a wine and beer bar in the Footlight Lounge on the lower level which is doing quite well. We have held several programs that were not part of the regular subscription series. These have brought in some new people that had never been to the Opera House before or hadn’t been for a very long time. We are hoping to add some new Series Subscribers and members this year by offering a variety of performances to please all ages as well as keeping our faithful patrons. We are working on writing grants for technical equipment that can be shared by everyone that uses the Opera House.  I believe in working together for the good of the community and in helping each other grow and become more successful. We will also post upcoming local events in our front windows.

We have a few new volunteers and board members this year who have brought some original ideas and visions and we have found several ways to cut costs that would go virtually unnoticed unless you take a very close look.

We offer the opportunity to local artists to display their work in our Arneson Gallery of light.

We are always looking for new email addresses to add to our Distribution list to keep everyone up-to-date on any additional programming or events. Please email yours to me if you are interested in being added at:

I am interested in hearing your ideas, comments and suggestions so feel free to be candid and contact me at any time!